How to create a team

How to create a team?

If you logged in "Run for hope", you are able to:

  1. Invite your friends and family to join the team that you created .
  2. You can join another, already created team.

How to create a team and invite your friends, family, acquaintences and other people to join in?

  1. In web site click "Join in"
  2. Write down your email, password, which you used when you registered
  3. Click on "Create a team"
  4. Write down your team title, idea, description and click "Create a team" . Now you just need to invite your friends:)
  5. Click on the "invite your friends" button. Write your friends e - mail or send a link to his social network.
  6. Friend will get an invitation. When he will do all tasks (including payment) he will become a member of your team.

How to become a member of the team? There are two ways:

  1. Ask your team leader to log in and invite you to the team.
  2. a) You will get an invitation in your email. You need to accept it. Then you need to log in your account.
  3. b) You became a member. You can find The list of members in section "Teams"
  4. Ask for the invitation:
  5. a) log in your account. Click on the team button, choose a team and click on the button "ask for invitation" .
  6. b) The leader will get a request and he will need to accept it. Then you will get a message that leader invites you to join his team.
  7. c) You need to accept his invitation and then You become a member. You can find the list of members in section "Teams"

P.S These actions won‘t get any result if you don‘t do the payment.