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The cause of others‘ hope

The idea of running of hope originated in 2008, when Pranciškonys brothers and brother Benediktas decided to realize a project to create an information and aid centre in Klaipeda for West Lithuanian oncological patients.

Then a marathon „running of hope“ was decided to be held in Klaipeda. During this project all funds were put in a construction of the centre.

We can celebrate, that „Running of hope“ marathon is successfully being held every year and attracts huge runners and a crowd of kind – hearted people (5000-8000).

Also, since first marathon, using all EU, Hope events, private sponsor funds brothers successfully accomplished an idea of oncological patient’s centre opening and it opened doors in 2014. During first years about 1500 waiting for help people visited it, and over 3000 of different services were provided.

2016 in Hope events to St. Francis Canser Support Centre gathered support 24321 €

How to build a team?
1Register on website

After signing up for the Hope Run 2016 you will be able to set up your own Hope Run team. Describe the cause and invite as many people as possible to run for it with you.

2Invite your friends

Once logged on you are only a few simple clicks away from inviting your friends to run under the flag of your team.

3Run for what is important to YOU!

Your team can run for any cause including animal welfare, equal gender rights, or any other common cause. The most important thing is that you and your team run for something you are all passionate about!