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"City of Hope" is the first cluster of social, cultural, health services, spiritual services, science and innovation, created in Lithuania and Eastern Europe. The mission is to help to reduce the social exclusion of people who fall into vulnerable social groups, to return them to active life, to promote Klaipeda and to entire social and economic development of Lithuania. About 63,000 people has visited the "City of Hope" in real and virtual during the last year, not only residents from Klaipeda, but also from all over Lithuania and foreign countries, who actively participate in its activities.
The author of “Run of Hope" idea is brother Benediktas Jurcys, he dedicated his life and council to those who are losing hope - oncologic patients and their relatives, the disabled people and children with special needs. "My civic initiative was born in my heart to create a culture of solidarity and hope." (Initiator of “Run of Hope" Brother Benediktas Jurcys, OFM).

We invite everyone to join - runners and professionals who will be able to reach records. The track is accurately measured by the national category track recorder, time will be recorded with electronics, participants can register for the event via the Internet. “Run of Hope” is on the International European runner’s calendar. "Run of Hope" will start and finish in the central square of the Atgimimo Square in Klaipėda. This event delights the people from Klaipeda and the guests also.

The traditional "Run of Hope" will be the twelfth, including the professional marathon running on the highway, which was awarded by the European Athletics Association with 3 * !!!

Hope events to St. Francis Cancer Support Centre gathered support 24321 €

How to build a team?
1Register on website

After signing up for the Hope Run you will be able to set up your own Hope Run team. Describe the cause and invite as many people as possible to run for it with you.

2Invite your friends

Once logged on you are only a few simple clicks away from inviting your friends to run under the flag of your team.

3Run for what is important to YOU!

Your team can run for any cause including animal welfare, equal gender rights, or any other common cause. The most important thing is that you and your team run for something you are all passionate about!