Run for Hope 2022! Marathon in Klaipeda!

On the 21nd of May the City of Hope and the St. Francis Oncology Center in Klaipeda will be welcoming the 16th Run for Hope, run which brings Hope.

During last year 21 thousand people in Lithuania for the first time have heard: “The diagnosis – cancer”. We cannot be indifferent towards the aggression of this disease. We must gather together and find courage to stand at that start line and run for the wellbeing of ourselves, our loved ones, the ones who are ill and fragile.
All the funds raised during the event will be used to support the St. Francis Oncology Center in Klaipeda, which provides free of charge spiritual and psychological support for cancer patients and their families from all over Lithuania.

All the people of goodwill are welcome to take part in “Run for Hope – 2023” on the 21th of May. Our aim is to attract to the start line at least 21 thousand of runners who carry Love and Hope in their hearts.

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Follow the link to register for the run

This year we will have 7 different races of Hope to choose from:
− 42.195 km – Marathon Klaipeda
− 21.098 km – half of Marathon Klaipeda
− 10 km amateur race (Klaipeda)
− 5.4 km youth race (Klaipeda)
− 2.9 km race for families and children (Klaipeda)
− 0.75 km race for seniors and people with special needs (Klaipeda)
− 0.4 km “Children’s Run for Hope” (Klaipeda)
Further information about various races is available on


More information about “Run for Hope – 2022”:”